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As a product manager, you make hundreds of decisions every day. Sometimes exhilarating, this can also be stressful and tiring. To make the right decisions, you need the right data, you know the spiel. But how do you plan effective research to gather the insights you need? And how much data is enough? How do you balance data and gut feeling?

In this intense, hands-on workshop, you will learn actionable frameworks and best practices to decide what to build next, simplify your research process and ship a product that people want and will use.

Who is it for?

This workshop is perfect for product managers with some experience building a product. However, product designers, marketers and entrepreneurs who want to get a more structured approach to deciding what to build next are also welcome.

Key takeaways

Discover problems worth solving

Get a deep-dive into different user research tactics and understand which methodology to use for your product and when it’s more relevant.

Test your solutions with killer usability tests

Learn how to effectively plan, conduct and analyse usability studies, using in-person, remote and online methods.

Hear Lessons learned from the trenches

Experienced product leaders share case studies on how they’re conducting user research with their team, pitfalls to avoid and tips you can easily apply in your next project.

More about the day

Your time is valuable, so we’ve condensed techniques and best practices from the best product leaders in a day-long, intensive workshop. Here’s how the day will unfold.

Morning – techniques, tips and tricks


  • To build, improve or kill?
  • Defining research goals
  • Overview of 10 most helpful user research methods and when to use them

Running discovery interviews that work

  • How to plan and conduct qualitative user interviews with your existing or prospective customers and users
  • Examples and best practices

Turning results into insights

  • Interpreting the data
  • Summarising and presenting the key learnings to others
  • Examples and best practices

Supercharging your next usability study

  • Defining what to test
  • Measuring the right thing
  • Recruiting participants

Running usability tests the right way

  • Interviewing and facilitation techniques
  • DOs and DONTs
  • In person vs remote
  • Tools of the trade – A review of the most effective tools, setup and processes for running usability tests

Afternoon – case studies & guest speakers

You will learn from product leaders with +5 years of experience building successful products (Head of Product, Product Lead, Senior Product Manager). They’ll explain how they have applied these techniques to their own product and share their best practices for deciding what to build next.

What do you get?

We’re crafting a new learning experience. Beyond actionable content that will help you build better products, you’ll also get:

  • Take-home cheat sheets, templates and sample interview guides to help you apply the new things you’ve learned right away
  • The opportunity to learn alongside 15 other product managers who are all facing similar challenges. We select workshop participants based on relevance and experience.
  • Access to our Alumni Slack group, where you can ask questions or discuss any challenge you’re facing even after the workshop.
  • Tasty breakfast, lunch and craft coffee to give you energy throughout the day.

Course dates

27th of January


17th of February



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