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Learn Sketch in a Day

Seb Powell
Co-founder, Jam
  • London
  • £375 + VAT
Friday 23rd March Sold out!


Over the last few years, Bohemian Sketch 3 has become one of the most popular tools for digital product design, used by teams all over the world. In this workshop, you’ll learn all the essentials for designing your own web and mobile interfaces, through a hands-on, task-based approach.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at beginners so no prior experience in design or using design software is needed. If you’ve dabbled with Sketch before, this course may still be of interest as we’ll be covering a range of more advanced topics, such as how to organise your files, work collaboratively, plugins and more.

Key takeaways

Add Sketch to your toolbox

By the end of the day, you’ll have learnt all the essentials for designing in Sketch. Remember though – practice makes perfect!

Learn by doing

This workshop isn’t going to be one, boring lecture – we’ll cover all the basics, and very quickly you’ll be rolling up your sleeves and trying things out for yourself.

Turn your ideas into reality

With your new found knowledge, you'll be able to design your own apps and websites.

More about the day


  • Drawing and laying out your work, organising your files work using pages, artboards, symbols, text styles and colour palettes, learning the main keyboard shortcuts to help speed up your workflow.
  • An introduction to Sketch Library and how to use symbols to build shared design systems.
  • An introduction to Sketch plugins and those recommended to help with commonly performed tasks.
  • Learn how to use the Magic Mirror and Auto Layout plugins to quickly create designs for a range of screen sizes.
  • Use the Sketch Mirror and Cloud feature to preview your designs on your phone and share them with others.


This will be the hands-on part of the day. You will be tasked to use your new found knowledge to replicate an existing mobile app UI. Copying an existing design will allow you to shift your thinking from a conceptual mindset to that of how to use the available tools to get the job done.

What's included?

Top notch breakfast, lunch and snacks by Dayan & Webb

15% discount on JAM 2018 tickets


Sketch is only available on Mac OSX, so you'll need a Mac laptop with the latest version of OSX installed.

  • London
  • £375 + VAT
Friday 23rd March Sold out!

About Seb

Seb is the co-founder of JAM. Previously, he was Head of Design at Adbrain and then co-founded where he was in charge of product and design.

He has worked as a freelance designer for more than 10 years, for clients of every shape and size, and specialises in product design and frontend development.

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Our approach

Learn from the best

We’ve teamed up with top product management and design thought leaders. They’ll teach you a trick or two.

Learn by doing

Practice makes perfect, right? Our workshops are about doing and practicing your new skills. It’s the fastest way to learn.

Learn from others

Hear from peers who’re facing similar challenges. Share experiences, tips and lessons learned.