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15th June 2018
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Sketching for Visual Communication

Cindy Chang
Senior Product Designer, Intercom
  • London
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Friday 15th June 7 of 12 places left
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Like writing, sketching can be highly versatile and valuable communication tool, allowing thoughts and ideas to be expressed in a clear and memorable way. Sketching helps us explore problems and solutions quickly at low risk, and encourage constructive discussions. Yet for many of us who claim “I can’t draw” or “I’m not an artist,” sketching is often seen as a daunting skill to achieve. With a bit of instruction and practice though, you can grow more comfortable in your ability to sketch out ideas clearly and communicate in a more engaging way.

In this hands-on workshop, Cindy will equip you with knowledge, skills, practice, and courage to communicate your ideas more visually. You’ll come away with tangible skills you can use to be a better, more impactful communicator.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to capture and express concepts quickly and engagingly, regardless of your role. If you think you can’t draw, then this workshop is for you. In fact - the less confident you are in your drawing ability, the more you’ll get out of it!

Key takeaways

Gain more confidence in your drawing abilities by understanding how to express ideas through simple sketches.

Draw objects, people, hands, and facial expressions.

Establish structure and visual hierarchy in your sketches through layout and typography.

Build out your own visual vocabulary for common objects and themes.

Experiment with sketchnoting as a technique to capture meetings or presentations in a memorable and engaging way.

Understand how to work with “mistakes” in your sketches.

More about the day

We’ll start the day by building an understanding of what visual communication is and the amazing things it can unlock in different contexts. Through a series of fun exercises, we’ll then start putting pen to paper by warming up your drawing muscles, with a focus on line quality and coordination. From there, we’ll explore how to create visual symbols to build up our visual vocabulary, and learn simple techniques to sketch objects, people, and expressions. With these fundamental tools, we’ll further our visual literacy by experimenting with typography, generating visual metaphors for abstract ideas, and bringing structure to our sketches to increase comprehension.

Later, we will put these skills together by practicing sketchnoting (visual notetaking) as a way to communicate your own thoughts, explain problems and solutions, or capture meetings and presentations. We’ll end the day with practical advice for doing this in real life, especially around working with any “mistakes” that arise.

This is a fun, hands-on, supportive, and practical workshop. It’ll be a good mix of understanding core principles, seeing live demos, drawing individually, and learning from others through discussions.

What's included?

Top notch breakfast, lunch and snacks by Dayan & Webb

15% discount on JAM 2018 tickets


None. Workshop and drawing materials provided.

  • London
  • £500 + VAT
Friday 15th June 7 of 12 places left
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About Cindy

Cindy Chang is a Senior Product Designer at Intercom, where she leads design on the Inbox product. A San Francisco Bay Area native, Cindy studied design, education, and computer science at Stanford University, and has previously worked at companies like Salesforce, Designer Fund, and Intuit. She’s passionate about designing workshops and blending design thinking methodologies with visual narrative to create meaningful products and experiences.

On the side, Cindy mentors students in visual and interaction design fundamentals through DesignLab. She an avid sketchnoter and lives a double life as an aspiring children’s book writer and illustrator.

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