Learn the tools and processes to help you build great products.

Get started with Framer
Tes Mat
Author, The Framer Book

Learn the essentials of using Framer by creating a complete prototype.

Sketching for Visual Communication
Cindy Chang
Senior Product Designer, Intercom

Get the knowledge, skills, practice, and courage to communicate your ideas more visually.

Design Sprints Done Right
John Vetan
Founder, Design Sprint Academy

A hands-on workshop designed to help you learn by practicing the tools and techniques within a Design Sprint.

Using Jobs-To-Be-Done for Better Product Strategy
Steph Troeth
UX Consultant, Freelance

Learn how to leverage Jobs-to-Be-Done (JTBD) approach to guide your product vision and strategy.

Learn Sketch in a Day
Seb Powell
Co-founder, Jam

All the basics and more to get you started.

Articulating Design Decisions
Tom Greever
UX Director, Bitovi

Based on the best-selling book from O'Reilly, this practical and fun workshop focuses on principles, tactics, and actionable methods for presenting design.

Our approach

Learn from the best

We’ve teamed up with top product management and design thought leaders. They’ll teach you a trick or two.

Learn by doing

Practice makes perfect, right? Our workshops are about doing and practicing your new skills. It’s the fastest way to learn.

Learn from others

Hear from peers who’re facing similar challenges. Share experiences, tips and lessons learned.



From discovery to planning and execution, learn how to improve at the craft of building things people need.


Mock up, prototype, test, improve and repeat. Sharpen your maker’s skills.


Improving the soft skills that let you work well with others, communicate decisions in a breeze.

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