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November 23rd 2016

Embracing Data to Drive Better and More Informed Decisions

With Yaseed Chaumoo - Lead Digital Product Manager

The media landscape has dramatically changed as people embrace more devices and digital applications. As behaviours change so does the medium in which content is consumed. At the Telegraph, we aim to be at the forefront of adapting to the changes in behaviours. This year we not only marked the relaunch of our responsive website but we launched on Google Amp, Facebook Instant Articles, Apple News, Amazon Echo as well as revamping our mobile apps.

Central to driving change is understanding how users interact with our products. Throughout the year we have been embedding audience intelligence and data science with Product in order to understand and improve on what we do. We want to show how we created this process and share our insights for anyone wanting to embrace data driven decisions.


6.30PM – 7:30PM Arrival & Networking

7:30PM – 8:30PM Talk & Q/A

8:30PM – 9:30PM Drinks

About the speaker(s)

Yaseed Chaumoo – Lead Digital Product Manager

Yaseed is lover of people; understanding how they interact with each other and digital devices. At the Telegraph he led Product Management of online products and was a driver in the digital transformation throughout the organisation. With a diverse background in strategy, UX and design, he truly believes in the power of making useful, usable and delightful products. Before the Telegraph, we has worked for clients and agencies which include Unilever, HSBC, Royal Mail, Friday, Tribal and Proximity.

When not in the digital world, he can be spotted running across countries or climbing a mountain somewhere.

Magda Piatkowska – Head of Analytics

I left uni as a systems engineer to take up DBA and later various BI positions at eircom in Dublin, Ireland. I then moved from telco to the gaming industry to join Silicon Valley’s Zynga. I built there an international insights and analytics team. The team specialised in real time insights delivery and developing machine learning capabilities. We focused on text mining algorithms in order to include customer feedback in product development, segmentation and recommendations.


Wednesday, November 23rd 2016
6.30 - 9.30PM


Telegraph – 111 Buckingham Palace Road London SW1 0DT

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