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Sharing the stories behind great products

London, November 1st – 2nd 2018
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We're back!

Building great products is hard. A little over 3 years ago, we started JAM to learn from those who’ve been there and done it. We were curious to find out how our favourite products were built behind the scenes. Today, what started as a small conference has turned into the unmissable rendez-vous for product people.

Every year, 600 curious makers come hear no-bullshit stories, meet friendly people and eat great food together. Hopefully see you there!

Seb & Mathilde
Day #1 – Thursday 1st November
Hear 9 inspiring talks, meet the best product people in Europe, and party together after the event!

Thomas May

Product Manager, Thread – Social

Femke Van Schoonhoven

Product Designer, Uber – Social

Charlotte Gauthier

Product Manager, Wikimedia Foundation – Social

Michael Willmott

Head of Product & Technology, Beryl – Social

Gibson Biddle

former VP product, Netflix – Social

Cathy Harris

Product Lead, Deepmind – Social

Radu Chelariu

Product Design Manager, Paddy Power Betfair – Social

Ian Curtis

Product Manager, Telegraph – Social

Steve Kato-Spyrou

UX Manager, John Lewis – Social

What's included?

  • Breakfast, lunch & healthy (and unhealthy) snacks
  • Unlimited tea & coffee
  • A killer after-party, open bar included!
Day #2 – Friday 2nd November
The day after the conference, continue learning with one of our expert trainers. Places are limited – first come, first served!
Design Sprints Done Right
with John Vetan, Design Sprints Academy

A hands-on workshop designed to help you learn by practicing the tools and techniques within a Design Sprint.

Design Sprints Done Right
with John Vetan, Design Sprints Academy


Originally developed at Google Ventures, Design Sprints have been all the rage lately. A five-day process for answering critical business questions through design, prototyping, and testing ideas with customers, it’s a "greatest hits" of business strategy, innovation, behavior science, design thinking, and more—packaged into a battle-tested process that any team can use.

The workshop is fast-paced, hands-on, timeboxed, and immersive. We'll move from an initial product idea to a hi-fidelity prototype we'll use to test on live customers. You'll learn and practice different ideation techniques and the best methods to empathize with your customers, like Lightning Demos, Sketching, User Story Mapping, Prototyping and Customer Interviews.

By the end of the workshop, you'll have the right knowledge and process to drive hi-impact innovation inside your organization.

Who is it for?

This workshop works best for creatives & product leaders from technology product companies that want to "learn by doing" the Design Sprint method.

Whether you're a Product Manager/Owner, Researcher, Marketer, Head of Innovation, CTO/VP of Engineering, Web Developer, UX/UI Designer or Creative/Art Director you will now be ready to have a seat at the table when designing products & services your customers really need.

This workshop is NOT for those wanting to sit back and hear the theory. You should come prepared to work hard in an intense, time-boxed, collaborative setting.

Key takeaways

How to lead a sprint, define and prioritize challenges, and choose the best starting point.

How to understand customers’ needs and map their journeys, and how to sketch innovative solutions in no time and make critical decisions fast.

How to spark ideas and answer crucial product questions within extreme time constraints.

How to motivate your team members and get the most out of their combined expertise.

About John

John Vetan spent six years chartering the evolution of New Haircut’s design thinking process. Currently, as founder and strategist at the Design Sprint Academy, John is helping organizations around the world use and adopt design sprints as an effective way to innovate.

Learn Sketch in a Day
with Seb Powell, Product Designer

Learn all the essentials for designing your own web and mobile interfaces in Sketch, through a hands-on, task-based approach.

Learn Sketch in a Day
with Seb Powell, Product Designer


Over the last few years, Bohemian Sketch 3 has become one of the most popular tools for digital product design, used by teams all over the world. In this workshop, you’ll learn all the essentials for designing your own web and mobile interfaces, through a hands-on, task-based approach.

Who is it for?

This course is aimed at beginners so no prior experience in design or using design software is needed. If you’ve dabbled with Sketch before, this course may still be of interest as we’ll be covering a range of more advanced topics, such as how to organise your files, work collaboratively, plugins and more.

Key takeaways

Add Sketch to your toolbox

By the end of the day, you’ll have learnt all the essentials for designing in Sketch. Remember though – practice makes perfect!

Learn by doing

This workshop isn’t going to be one, boring lecture – we’ll cover all the basics, and very quickly you’ll be rolling up your sleeves and trying things out for yourself.

Turn your ideas into reality

With your new found knowledge, you'll be able to design your own apps and websites.

More about the day


  • Drawing and laying out your work, organising your files work using pages, artboards, symbols, text styles and colour palettes, learning the main keyboard shortcuts to help speed up your workflow.
  • An introduction to Sketch Library and how to use symbols to build shared design systems.
  • An introduction to Sketch plugins and those recommended to help with commonly performed tasks.
  • Learn how to use the Magic Mirror and Auto Layout plugins to quickly create designs for a range of screen sizes.
  • Use the Sketch Mirror and Cloud feature to preview your designs on your phone and share them with others.


This will be the hands-on part of the day. You will be tasked to use your new found knowledge to replicate an existing mobile app UI. Copying an existing design will allow you to shift your thinking from a conceptual mindset to that of how to use the available tools to get the job done.


Sketch is only available on Mac OSX, so you'll need a Mac laptop with the latest version of OSX installed.

About Seb

Seb is the co-founder of JAM. Previously, he was Head of Design at Adbrain and then co-founded where he was in charge of product and design.

He has worked as a freelance designer for more than 10 years, for clients of every shape and size, and specialises in product design and frontend development.

Articulating Design Decisions
with Tom Greever, Author

Based on the best-selling book from O'Reilly, this practical and fun workshop focuses on principles, tactics, and actionable methods for presenting design.

Articulating Design Decisions
with Tom Greever, Author


Talking to people about design might seem like a basic skill, but it can be difficult to do efficiently and well. And, in many cases, how you communicate with designers, stakeholders, clients, and other non-designers is more critical than the designs themselves – simply because the most articulate person usually wins.

Based on the best-selling book from O'Reilly, this practical and fun workshop focuses on principles, tactics, and actionable methods for presenting design. Whether it’s the design of websites, apps or other products, you'll learn how to win over anyone who has influence over the project--with the goal of creating the best experience for the end user. Using techniques from improvisational theatre, we’ll laugh our way through the process of explaining design to the people around us.

Who is it for?

Anyone who needs to talk about design! While most attendees will be designers, many developers, product owners, researchers, and business people also benefit from the ideas and best practices. Regardless of your role in the design process, everyone needs to be better at articulating design decisions.

Key takeaways

At the end of this workshop, you’ll be more confident in your ability to help stakeholders understand the design you recommend. Articulating Design Decisions will equip you to communicate with stakeholders, keep your sanity, and still deliver the best user experience.

Walk through the process of preparing for and presenting design.

Understand stakeholder perspectives, and learn how to empathize with them.

Cultivate both implicit and explicit listening skills.

Learn tactics and formulas for expressing the most effective response to feedback.

Discover why the way you follow through is just as crucial as the meeting itself.

More about the day

What we will achieve:

  • Get in the right frame of mind for discussing design
  • Identify stakeholder values and needs
  • Manage design meetings and conversations
  • Listen to design feedback effectively
  • Document design decisions for the future
  • Effectively respond to design feedback
  • Apply common strategies and tactics for making your case

Hands-on exercises include:

  • Discussing common challenges with explaining design
  • Writing stakeholder stories to better see their perspective
  • Evaluating your own skill at articulating design decisions
  • Practicing tactics for responding with other participants
  • Applying techniques from improvisational comedy
  • Simulating design conversations and scenarios
  • Discussing common challenges with explaining design

What's included?

Top notch breakfast, lunch and snacks by Dayan & Webb and Karma Cans

15% discount on JAM 2019 tickets


None! Whilst not a requirement, you will get the most from the workshop if you read Articulating Design Decisions: Communicate with Stakeholders, Keep Your Sanity, and Deliver the Best User Experience prior to the session.

About Tom

Tom Greever is the author of Articulating Design Decisions from O’Reilly Media and UX Director at Bitovi, a front-end design and development consulting company. As a consultant, he helps companies design and build better applications. As a teacher, he helps designers be better communicators.

As a father, he helps his children expend energy on wrestling and cleaning up the house. He works from home in Illinois, USA with his wife and five kids.

Hacking Your Product Leader Career
with Gibson Biddle, former VP Product – Netflix

Gibson will help you learn from his successes and failures, and take your career wherever you want it to be.

Hacking Your Product Leader Career
with Gibson Biddle, former VP Product – Netflix


Technology has evolved so quickly, that in order to be a successful product leader, you need to learn and grow even faster. What are the skills required to be a successful product leader and how do you accelerate learning? In this workshop, Gibson ('Gib') will help you learn from his successes and failures running large PM, data, design and technology teams at Electronic Arts, The Learning Company, Mattel, Netflix, and Chegg to take your career wherever you want it to be.

Who is it for?

The workshop is for product leaders who focus on product management, project management, design, data or technology. For many of the exercises, Gib will break participants into groups with similar function, skills and stage of career, to help you connect with peers with similar issues and challenges. There will be a variety of product leaders – from startups to large companies – from both consumer and enterprise technology companies.

Key takeaways

In this workshop, Gib will share:

How to take a highly experimental, hypothesis-driven approach to your career

The technical and leadership skills needed for a successful product career

How to assess and develop your unique "superpowers"

How to constantly build and evolve a "personal board of directors" in order to accelerate learning

More about the day


Gib will drill down into a few critical skill areas presenting tools, models and templates that you will apply to yourself and your own products and companies. These include:

  • How to position and brand both your product and yourself
  • How to develop cogent product strategy, metrics and tactics
  • How to make great decisions about people, product and the business

There will be a printed workbook that includes all of the day’s materials, exercises, plus the many articles Gib has written about product leadership.

Detailed schedule

Intro to Career Hacking

  • The technical and functional leadership skills required of product leaders
  • How a highly strategic, experimental approach to careers accelerates learning, and
  • how a “personal board of directors” helps jump-start and extend your career.
  • Discussion/exercises using shared Google slides/handouts

In-depth Skill Development

Branding for Builders (talk plus work session)
  • Discover how exceptional teamwork between marketing and product creates a hard-to-copy, strategic advantage.
  • Learn two positioning and branding models and how Netflix applied these models to build a brand and product that more than 130 million members love today
  • Apply these models to your own product/brand.
Product strategy, metrics and tactics
  • Gib will share three product strategy models: DHM, GLEe, and GEM
  • You'll see how these models applied to the growth of Netflix then apply them to your own product/business
  • This is a case-based approach from Netflix, highlighting key marketing, research, data, design, business and technology issues
Branding Yourself
  • Gib will share how he combined introspection of his product leader skills and stages, with the positioning/branding models to position and brand himself
  • You will apply the models to yourself and share your work with others for feedback

Bringing it all together

Chegg: Wicked Hard Decisions
  • Chegg is Gib's latest startup: the textbook rental company that he helped take public in 2014, now worth $3.5bn.
  • We'll see how Chegg applied the tools from today to help product leaders make great decisions.
  • There are four "what would you do" case studies that reinforce how to make great decisions about people, product and the business.
Conclusions and Reflections
  • Write a letter to yourself, outlining changes you'd like to make in the next three months, based on today's discussion.


None – we'll just need you to submit your LinkedIn profile link in advance so Gib can learn more about you and your career (we'll send an email in due course).

About Gib

Gibson Biddle was VP of Product at Netflix starting in 2005, then in 2010, he became the Chief Product Officer of Chegg, a textbook rental company that went public in 2014. Today, he's an adviser for multiple consumer tech companies, and teaches entrepreneurship at Stanford.

Supercharge Your User Research Skills
with Matt Isherwood, UX Consultant

Enhance your skills in conducting the three main roles of user research: discovery, validation, and usability.

Supercharge Your User Research Skills
with Matt Isherwood, UX Consultant


We all know that user research is a massively important part of creating a successful product. Without assessing your ideas and work against real users you can’t know whether you’re making the right thing.

However do you feel out of your depth when being required to talk to users? Are you unsure whether you’re doing the right thing?

In this workshop, Matt will help enhance your skills in conducting the three main roles of user research: discovery, validation, and usability. With plenty of practical exercises and learning, he’ll pass on a decade of experience in UX and evidence-based design.

Who is it for?

Product managers, designers, marketers, and developers who want to build their skills and confidence in talking to and testing with their users and customers. Great for those who are less experienced in this side of product creation.

Key takeaways

Know how to prepare for discovery interviews with customers.

Learn how to dig for insights in your interviews.

Understand when and how to use validation testing.

How to run a great usability tests (including remotely).

Learn effective analysis and reporting on the results of your testing.

More about the day

What we’ll cover:

  • Using and adapting a template for a good interview
  • Tips on interviewing in-person and over the phone
  • How to carry out quick guerrilla validation tests
  • The components of a good usability test task
  • Explaining a lightweight template for a user testing report

Exercises will include:

  • Drafting interview questions
  • Practicing effective interviews
  • Running a quick mobile app validation test
  • Quick post-it note analysis
  • Practice writing user testing tasks
  • Spotting usability issues in a user test

About Matt

UX consultant to ecommerce sites and startups. Also instructor of The Evidence-Based Redesign course and writer of Designing Ecommerce Websites book.

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